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King of Kings
... 1960 ... Ethiopian Archives?

Ethiopia 1930 : Coronation

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1930. Coronation

in Russian
Ивлин Во об Эфиопии [ru]
Коронация 1930 года
глава из книги "Когда не ездить было - грех". Пер. с англ. В. Михайлина. "Иностранная литература" No2, 1999

WAUGH, (Evelyn) -- A trip through East Africa in late 1930 yielded Black Mischief (1932) and the travelogue Remote People (1931). A reporter's war assignment in Ethiopia in 1935 and 1936 produced the dead-aim of Scoop and another notebook, Waugh in Abyssinia (1936). A final visit in 1958 and 1959, in the last gloom of the Empire, gave us Tourist In Africa (1960).

When the Going Was Good 0837182530


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The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity by Philip Jenkins; Oxford University Press, 2002 (read questia.com)
- The Next Christendom - One: The Christian Revolution - Two: Disciples of All Nations - Three: Missionaries and Prophets - Four: Standing Alone - Five: The Rise of the New Christianity - Six: Coming to Terms - Seven: God and the World - Eight: The Next Crusade - Nine: Coming Home - Ten: Seeing Christianity Again for the First Time

... According to the respected World Christian Encyclopedia, some 2 billion Christians are alive today, about one-third of the planetary total.


1930 Chapter and 1935 : ... On the very eve of the day when I was about to attempt a supreme effort in the defense of my people before this Assembly does not this initiative deprive Ethiopia of one of her last chances to succeed in obtaining the support and guarantee of States Members? Is that the guidance the League of Nations and each of the States Members are entitled to expect from the great Powers when they assert their right and their duty to guide the action of the League? Placed by the aggressor face to face with the accomplished fact, are States going to set up the terrible precendent of bowing before force? Your Assembly will doubtless have laid before it proposals for the reform of the Covenant and for rendering more effective the guarantee of collective security. Is it the Covenant that needs reform? What undertakings can have any value if the will to keep them is lacking? It is international morality which is at stake and not the Articles of the Covenant. On behalf of the Ethiopian people, a member of the League of Nations, I request the Assembly to take all measures proper to ensure respect for the Covenant. I renew my protest against the violations of treaties of which the Ethiopian people has been the victim. I declare in the face of the whole world that the Emperor, the Government and the people of Ethiopia will not bow before force; that they maintain their claims that they will use all means in their power to ensure the triumph of right and the respect of the Covenant. I ask the fifty-two nations, who have given the Ethiopian people a promise to help them in their resistance to the aggressor, what are they willing to do for Ethiopia? And the great Powers who have promised the guarantee of collective security to small States on whom weighs the threat that they may one day suffer the fate of Ethiopia, I ask what measures do you intend to take? Representatives of the World I have come to Geneva to discharge in your midst the most painful of the duties of the head of a State. What reply shall I have to take back to my people? June, 1936. [WAR speech ending]

... see 1935

Hitler and Mussolini

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