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One of the first and most popular slogans of the revolution was "Ethiopia Takdem" (Ethiopia first). To this day Ethiopianess is the main criteria in mesuaring everyone patriotic feelings, but what is "Ethiopia" and "Ethiopian"?
Of course, it is about values, but any culture is a non-tangable value. It is what we call nowadays an intellectual property. Twenty five years and millions of dead later, we still debate what "Ethiopia" is. The crisis is not exclusevely Ethiopian, we see this cultural agony everywhere. Revolution is supposed to advance the present, otherwise it is a reaction. So, how does the Revolutionary Age advance the culture of Ethiopia?
The old Europe had its revolutions way back, with blood, death and destruction. Then it was a period which we named "Restoration" -- monarchy and church became national cultural institutions. The children of revolutionary fathers discovered that they rather keep their grandfathers heritage. How does this transition takes place?
Unlike state, any culture is a long term commitment. Culture can't be overthrown and the change in culture take generation to implement. Although, it's not absolutely uncontrolled process, there must be will and directions.

One of the most visible cultural changes is language. Today's Ethiopia abondend one-language rule. Amharic was the state language and since the past is outlawed, the language of the culturally dominating Amhara, was equolized with the other major languages. Addis Ababa TV repeats the same news tree times in different languages...