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... postmodern Ithiopians.

... "Ethio" or even "Et" -- not just a matter of abbrevation, but the question of identity. "Ethiopia" is not a different name, but another place. (From notes for Project "Utopia")

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PRESENT : Ethiopians playing Ethiopians

Take a closer look...

Ethiopia, Addis Abeba

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Addis, taxi ride ...

Why this video, Anatoly? What is in it?


That "nothing" caught me in this silent drive-through shot. As if I got the answer for question -- who shot the first video. Ah, the EEthiopian tourists in Ethiopia! No people, only things...

And in the car, passing by this strange city that got stuck somewhere in 1950.

No music?

No. Driving from the airport to the same airport.

How many billions are planning to visit Addis Ababa for the Millennium Celebration?

" A Place to Visit."

-- I am not just your stupid average American, I am a proud Ethiopian!

... I need to write about them, the postmodern drive-through Ethiopians.

* Millennium Thoughts :

"Forenji" -- they are forenji, the people who live there, knowing so little about the country they live in, and what they know is wrong.

No, I have to say it all -- they are not interested in knowing it, the past. Look at ethio youtubers, notice what they like, what value --"Mama Ethiopia" is a backdrop for singing and dancing... "strangers in their own land."

All the problems of Ethiopia not in politics, but because the place doesn't belong to anybody. They don't behave as owners, only as visitors.

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Ethiopia 1930 : coronation?

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