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looks like Ethiopia following Russia as a shadow.

For how long?

Russia made its choice around Y2K, did ET too?


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ethiopia21 -- notes : two congressmen-turned-lobbyists–former House Majority Leaders Richard Armey, the Republican from Texas, and Missouri Democrat Richard Gephardt–are working hard to block full congressional action against the Zenawi regime... 7.27.07

Voice of America
(amhara, oromo, tigrigna)
Rivers of Blood: A Comparative Study of Government Massacres by Brenda K. Uekert; Praeger Publishers, 1995 - 5: Ethiopia: She'Eb Massacre

more from questia.com:

Remapping Ethiopia: Socialism and after Journal article by Dena Freeman; Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Vol. 9, 2003

The Ethiopian Transformation: The Quest for the Post-imperial State by John W. Harbeson; Westview Press, 1988

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2008 plans -- ?


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War... and wars

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[Book of the Year] * Ethiopia, CIA (list of parties):

Afar National Democratic Party or ANDP [leader NA]; All-Amhara People's Organization or AAPO [KEGNAZ MATCH Neguea Tibeb]; Amhara National Democratic Movement or ANDM [TEFERA Walwa]; Bench Madji People's Democratic Organization or BMPDO [leader NA]; Benishangul Gumuz People's Democratic Unity Front or BGPDUF [leader NA]; Coalition of Alternative Forces for Peace and Democracy or CAFPD [Kifle TIGNEH Abate and BEYENE Petros]; Ethiopian Democratic Unity Party or EDUP [Lt. Gen. TESFAYE Gebre Kidan]; Ethiopian National Democratic Party or ENDP [FEKADU Gedamu]; Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front or EPRDF [MELES Zenawi] (an alliance of the ANDM, OPDO, and TPLF); Gedeyo People's Revolutionary Democratic Movement or GPRDF [leader NA]; Gurange Nationalities Democratic Movement or GNDM [leader NA]; Kafa Shaka People's Democratic Organization or KSPDO [leader NA]; Kembata, Alabaa, and Tembaro or KAT [leader NA]; Oromo Liberation Front or OLF [DAOUD Ibsa Gudina]; Oromo People's Democratic Organization or OPDO [KUMA Demeksa]; Sidama People's Democratic Organization or SPDO [leader NA]; South Omo People's Democratic Movement or SOPDM [leader NA]; Tigrai People's Liberation Front or TPLF [MELES Zenawi]; Walayta, Gamo, Gofa, Dawro, Konta People's Democratic Organization or WGGPDO [leader NA]; dozens of small parties

20th century
... filmplus.org/politics/et : ET politics in PoMo universe

... notes on 20th century:

Elusive Peace: Negotiating an End to Civil Wars by I. William Zartman; Brookings Institution, 1995 - 5: Eritrea and Ethiopia

The Political Economy of Ethiopia by Marina Ottaway; Praeger Publishers, 1990






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