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Thesis Proposal Defense
Esther Sellassie Antohin
Diaspora – A term formerly used to refer to the displacement of Jews from their homeland. Presently the terms refers to the migration of any given population from ones homeland, but maintains its continuity in the foreign land. Also, minority ethnic group of migrant origin which maintains sentimental or material links with its land of origin.
Colonial Africa
Ethiopians in Diaspora

Axum - ‘Makeda’s (Queen of Sheba) bathing pool’ water reservoir for local inhabitants.
Axum - St. Mary of Zion Church
Debre-Damo Monastery Illustrated Bible in Ge’ez
Lalibela – Rock hewn church
Brass coins (these coins represent earliest inscriptions found in Sabaen and Ge’ez)
Fasil’s castle in Gonder (North)
A castle in the city of Gonder (north)
The rock hewn Church in Lalibela (north)
Axum Obelisks
The procession of the clergy during the veneration of the ‘Tabot’
Church Service in Ethiopian Tewahedo (Orthodox) Church
Clergy in hymn and dance during sacred festival
Faces of Ethiopians
Arussi Girl (western Ethiopia)
Amhara (north/central)
Gambella (south)
Urban boy from Addis Ababa (Central)
A shepherd in Lasta (north)
A priest in Axum (North)
Adal women (East)
The popular ‘herb’ note: Jah Division in English and Russian
The old Imperial flag (with the lion of Judah)
Bob Merely (the late reggae star) was a Rastafarian and is considered a prophet by most Rastafarian followers
Rastafari rendering of Emperor Menelik of Ethiopia